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Keep your corporations active and in good standing with company registry by filing your annual return. It is the responsibility for each corporation to notify company registry that your company is still operating and the registered information (directors/shareholders/attorney/address) is up to date.
Important: Please note this is not the same as your tax return which is filed through Revenue Canada.

Good Standing Certificate

If you need a certificate of good standing (also called certificate of status, certificate or subsistence, or certificate of existence) to verify a company’s current status, we can help.
These certificates are often needed for a business transaction to support a loan request or to provide assurance to a potential supplier or buyer you are looking to enter into a contract with that your corporation exists and has not been dissolved.
The certificate can be obtained for any registered company in Canada.

Company Document
Federal Companies Certificate of Compliance/Certificate of Existence
Federal Non-Profit Companies Certificate of Compliance/Certificate of Existence
British Columbia Corporations Certificate of Good Standing
Ontario and Other Provinces and Territories Certificate of Status

Important: Please note we cannot process your request and obtain a Certificate of Status for sole proprietors, partnerships, banks, condominium corporations, insurance companies, cooperatives, and credit unions.
When making your request, you will need to provide the name of the corporation, its corporation
number or business number and information on the contact person. If you request a certificate of existence, you will need to provide the date or dates for which you want the confirmation of the existence of the corporation.
The certificates will be provided in the form of a pdf via email. Processing time depends on the province.
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Extra-Provincial Registration

Corporations incorporated or continued under the laws of a jurisdiction outside of Canada must obtain an Extra–Provincial Licence in order to conduct their business activities in the chosen province.
An Extra-Provincial Licence will not be issued to a foreign corporation with a name that is identical to a corporate name already in use in the chosen province.
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Agent for Service in Ontario

Foreign corporations must appoint an Agent for Service in Ontario. The foreign corporation must ensure the continuing appointment of an Agent and report any changes to the Agent’s name, address, etc.
Important: a foreign corporation operating in Ontario without having obtained a licence or without an appointed Agent for Service, may face possible prosecution under S.20 of the Extra-Provincial Corporations Act and is not capable of maintaining an action or other proceeding in an Ontario court (S.21 (1)).
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What is a Certificate of Good Standing?
A Certificate of Good Standing is a document issued by the provincial authorities that proves that your entity exists
and is in compliance with all provincial requirements, such as filing annual reports.
When do you need a Certificate of Good Standing?
You’ll need a Certificate of Good Standing when your business expands to another jurisdiction, enters into a deal or
when you wish to obtain or renew certain types of financing, loans, or licenses, as in the case of a merger &
What is the purpose of annual reports?
Not all states have annual reports. Some have biennial reports (due every other year) instead. Whether annual or
biennial, the primary purpose of a company’s annual report remains the same. An Annual Report provides updated
information on the business. Many details for a business can change in the course of a year. The business may have moved
locations. Management of the business might have changed. The annual report provides states with a means for keeping
updated information on businesses.
Does my business really need to file an annual report?
Chances are, yes. Nearly every state requires an annual information report from every corporation and LLC that operates
under its jurisdiction. Your company is required to file in the state where you first formed as well as in every other
state where you’re registered to do business.
What happens if I don’t file a required report?
If you file late or fail to file altogether, you’ll probably incur a few serious fines and penalties. Your business may
lose its good standing in that state. Worse, you could face administrative dissolution or a revocation of authority to
do business in the state—jeopardizing your protection from business debts.