Agent for Service

Is your company registered in another jurisdiction? Our service includes a registered agent location within the province of Ontario to receive legal and critical business communications and a dedicated team to receive and route all service of process legal notifications.

What is an Agent for Service?

An agent for service is a person – resident of Ontario or a corporation having its registered office in Ontario, designated to receive service of process and official mail on behalf of a foreign company. The most basic function of an agent is to act as a local contact for government agencies and to ensure your business is properly notified when involved in a lawsuit.
In addition, all foreign corporations must ensure the continuing appointment of an Agent and report any changes to the Agent’s name, address, etc. (S.19 of the Extra–Provincial Corporations Act).
Important: A foreign corporation operating in Ontario without having obtained a licence or without an appointed Agent for Service, may face possible prosecution under S.20 of the Extra-Provincial Corporations Act and is not capable of maintaining an action or other proceeding in an Ontario court (S.21 (1)).

Do I Need an Agent for Service?

You know the rules: corporations incorporated in another province or outside of Canada must obtain an Extra–Provincial Licence in order to conduct their business activities in Ontario. In addition, they need to appoint an Agent for Service, if they do not have an office in Ontario.
You may need to hire an Agent for Service if:
  • Your business is registered in any other jurisdiction (e.g. Extra-provincial corporations, foreign corporations).
  • You want to conduct business in Ontario.
  • You need a registered office for your company.
Important: Please note due to the high volume of requests, this service is currently offered to our existing clients only.