Due diligence

Corporate Searches

We perform searches for corporate information for currently and former registered corporations, extra- provincial registered corporations, partnerships, non-profit organizations, and trade names on the network of public registries. We conduct searches for businesses registered in Canada and US.

An online corporate search produces current information on various types of entities, such as how longthe organization has been in operation, its address, directors, shareholders, declarants, etc.

These searches form an integral part of due diligence that is conducted as part of the closing process and clearly identifies all parties related to a transaction. You can order the following searches:

  • Corporation Profile
  • List of Documents Filed
  • List of Business Names
  • Certificate of Status/Compliance/Attestation
  • Business Names Report
  • List of Documents Filed for Business Names
  • List of Business Names for Partnerships

This information is public information and is available to anyone upon request.

Document Examination & Review:

This services typically includes examination and review of the following:

  • Copy of Articles of Incorporation, Charters, Company By-Laws
  • Corporate resolutions and minutes for the last three years
  • Copy of share certificates issued to Key Management Personnel
  • Material contracts, including any joint venture, partnership, or operating agreements
  • Licensing or franchise agreements
  • Other documents

Intellectual Property Search

Almost every company has intellectual property assets that they can use to monetize their business. These intangible assets are something that differentiates their products and services from their competitors. They may often comprise some of the company’s most valuable assets. A few of the items that need to be looked at in a due diligence review are copyright and trademark searches and filings.

By conducting an IP due diligence, you can also verify or confirm the ownership and registration of trademarks and copyright titles and discover any recorded documents that might affect them.

Working closely with our partners across Canada, we strive to provide fast and quality services that fit each client’s needs.