Corporate Changes

Corporations are required to keep the government informed as to its current information. To comply, corporations must file when required: notice of a name change, notices of change of registered office, directors and in certain jurisdictions, their shareholders. These forms are distinct in every province.
If you are changing your company name, registered office address or company’s directors, we can help you to comply with the local requirements and government filings.

Change of Directors

You must notify corporate registry in your jurisdiction of any change in the board of directors if:
  • New directors are elected.
  • Persons cease to be directors.
You must also notify corporate registry in your jurisdiction of any change of address of a director (typically, within 15 days of being informed of the change).
Important: The names and addresses of the directors of a corporation, even if the address of a director is also a residential address, are corporate information that is public.
If the number of directors changes from the number indicated in your corporation’s articles, you may need to indicate these changes by amending your articles.

Change of Registered Office Address

You must also notify corporate registry in your jurisdiction of any change to your corporation’s registered office address (for ex., if the corporation moves). The deadline varies but is usually 15 days following the change. You can also provide an additional address if there is one.

Change of Company Name

A corporation may change its name set out in its Articles by filing the following:
  • Name Reservation Report (NUANS/federal/provincial).
  • Articles of Amendment.
To make any amendment to the Articles of Incorporation, the amendment must be authorized by a resolution adopted by the board of directors. This resolution must be also ratified by the shareholders present at a special general meeting.
Important: Filing fees will vary depending on the jurisdiction where your company is incorporated (provincial or federal). Resolutions are usually charged separately.
We’re here to make it simpler and easier for you to run your business. Once we file your amendment with the necessary government agency and pay the filing fees, your amendment will be official and you will receive an electronic copy via email.

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